From Print to Packaging to Film to Online.

We are as multi-dimensional as you are.

From Print to Packaging to

Film to Online.

We are as multi-dimensional

as you are.

Beer, anybody? 
All that glitters! 
​Catwalk killers… 
Building Brands 
Building Identities 

Packaging with Taste & Fizz!

We do have a weakness for beers. Or should we say, more accurately, it is one of our strengths! We've developed packaging for a bunch of them. And each packaging is as exquisite, as pristine, as enduring as the hills where they are born. Places like Meghalaya and Shillong in India's Northeast. Remember, great packaging is like an edifice that must stand the test of time. An edifice on which you build your brand for yourself and future generations. We at Lollipop know the ins and outs, the techniques and the technologies to deliver your dreams.

Meanwhile, pardon us, if we like our beers!



      We have the fire in our bellies to match you every step of the way. We are a

      multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary group where we push and challenge each other before we come to you with a coherent, innovative and enduring solution.

      One great idea inevitably needs to be replaced by yet another great idea but brands are forever.. and we remind ourselves of that every minute of our day. We may

      have several clients but we make sure you feel that you are the only client in our portfolio. We are your brand custodians after all. Which means you can expect us to not only be responsive but proactive in anticipating your needs and create collaborations that serve your interests best.

      Print, online, corporate films, social media... we are there with the solutions.



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